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    Purpose built room for ages 3 years +
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Pre Schoolers - the Sunflowers room

Here we help children to challenge themselves and learn through purposeful play activities planned to meet individual needs, interests and stages of development.

The routine in the pre-school room is a little more structured as we aim to help children with a smooth transition into school life. Through a variety of learning activities, children are encouraged to challenge themselves by taking risks and making their own choices to develop independence and problem-solving skills.

There’s regular use of the outdoor area (and in all weathers thanks to our all-in-one waterproof suits) where children have fun learning about their immediate environment and the different elements it consists of.

In this room we offer places for children claiming both their free 15 hours universal entitlement and those who wish to claim the extended 30 hours free entitlement. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the different options available to you.

Sunflowers Curriculum

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Sunflowers Routine

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